The Winter Season

During the Winter season

You may begin to notice some changes around the house that were not too apparent in the summer.

Not to worry though, not all of these changes mean your windows and doors are faulty or require repair, they may just require a little more maintenance!

Most commonly what you may begin to notice are condensation, and drafts

We have noticed some of our customers have reported a heavy amount of condensation on either the insides or outsides of the glass. This is nothing to be concerned about and does not mean the double-glazed unit has failed.

As long as the condensation is not in between the two panes of glass there is no failure.

If you are experiencing condensation on the inside of the window, it can be wiped off, or if you open the window it will disappear.

Typically, condensation on the inside is most prominent in bedrooms and rooms that are occupied for long periods of time

To combat this, we advise opening the vent on the window if you have one or leaving the window in the locked vent setting. Try opening your window slightly then closing the handle. It may be able to lock in place ajar allowing air to flow.

If this solution makes the room too cold at night, we advise leaving the window slightly ajar in the morning to allow the condensation to evaporate and escape.

In regard to condensation on the outside of the window, this means the air outside is condensing on the cold outer pane while the inner pane stays warmer keeping the heat in. The solution to this is simple, the condensation will simply evaporate as the air outside warms up.

This is typically the result of Low-E glass which is more energy efficient and what we at WRG fit as standard.


If you are experiencing a draft around the house or in any particular rooms, this could be the result of faulty window hinges not allowing the window to shut properly, leaving a gap between the unit and the frame.

Again, nothing to be too concerned about, it does not require the fitting of a brand-new window. As houses age hardware starts to fail, it is extremely common and to be expected in houses around 15 years or older.

WRG can replace the hinges and ensure the window shuts perfectly, usually in around 30 minutes.

As always, if you want to know more information, we invite you to get in touch!

Many Thanks,

The WRG Team

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