What We Do….

The core of our business is replacing steamed up double glazed units, repairing faulty window hardware, such as hinges, handles and locking mechanisms, and repairing door hardware, such as locking mechanisms and handles, and aligning dropped doors.

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The most common problem we come across with UPVC and wooden windows is steamed up or failed double glazed units. This is due to the seal breaking down allowing water to penetrate the unit creating a build of condensation. We provide a cost effective and speedy solution by replacing the double glazed unit, leaving your window frame in situ with minimum fuss and upheaval.


Other common issues are draughty windows which normally stem from window hinge failure. This is a cost effective and efficient repair which will stop the draught, retain lost heat and cut extraneous noise.

We also fit restrictor hinges and fire exit hinges to improve security and safety


Window functionality such as, not opening or closing correctly, stems from a problem with the window locking mechanism. This is a straight forward repair with minimum fuss or upheaval.


All uPVC doors come with multi-point door locking mechanisms which tend to breakdown and fail over time. This does not mean a replacement door is now required. We can replace the majority of uPVC door locking mechanisms no matter of age, with a ‘like for like’ or an alternative system if the door locking mechanism is no longer available.

We can replace worn barrels and can upgrade to more secure anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-bump barrels


The most common door fault we encounter are broken handles. This could be due to a number of issues from ill fitting doors to simple wear and tear. These are a cost effective solution to a complete door replacement.


A very common complaint is the door is very hard to lock or there is draughty, this usually stems from a dropped door. This can be rectified quickly and easily with minimum fuss. 


We can replace broken and worn UPVC and timber window frame handles in colours to match the existing surround.


We fit new door hinges, door panels and letterboxes.  We are frequently asked to fit new cat flaps, both into existing doors, whether glazed or panel.


Replacing the glass in uPVC or wooden windows is a very cost effective alternative to replacing the whole unit. Retaining the existing framework whilst upgrading the double glazed unit with a more thermally efficient or aesthetically pleasing glass units, is far cheaper than you may think.  Most households would save on average 75% on a completely new window, further more there is very little disruption and mess with an average house being transformed in just a few hours.